CBD Powders With Immediate Benefits for the Here & Now

Need an instant boost of energy? A non-habit forming nightcap? It’s just a few sips away.

We’ve all been there, especially in 2020: bleary-eyed after working late into the night (after putting the kids to bed). Head spinning and stressed from the latest headlines. Exhausted but can’t seem to find the sweet relief of sleep.

We couldn’t have predicted this particular brand of insanity - who could?! But we did anticipate - pandemic or not - some of those critical needs we humans are bound to have: focus, sleep, and that elusive relaxed state we like to call zen.

That’s precisely why we made our powder blends in the first place. The water-soluble formulas are designed to be bioavailable and  fast-acting (read: more efficient than oil-based tinctures.) Mix them into your favorite beverage wherever, whenever - yes, you can even pour a packet into the coffee in your car console between errands - for a quick boost.

The not-so-secret ingredient to fighting stress is found where you might least expect it: in nature."

Consider the broad spectrum CBD that’s in every powder the plant equivalent of an all-purpose salve. After digging into the latest research (and customer feedback) on effective dosing, we increased our formulation from 10 to 15 milligrams to help you get an ideal amount every time.

When combined with different blends of nootropic and adaptogenic superherbs like Ashwaganda and Valerian, these powders get superpowers - making that synergistic connection with your body and mind that allows you to chill out, zone in - or drift off to dreamland.* Here’s how they work:

You need: to feel grounded and relaxed ASAP

Try: Instant Zen

Why it works: Imagine an eraser that buffs around those jagged internal edges that are making you so uptight and tense. That’s essentially what this elixir does, with its 15 mg of pure, whole plant hemp extract. It’s a powerful, single serving of our single origin, broad spectrum CBD blended with natural fibers to make it instantly dissolvable - aka instantly calmer. Mix it into water or your favorite beverage (hot or cold) - or try this recipe for a blueberry protein smoothie to start your day on a soothing note.

Instant Zen Elixir

CBD powder blend for balance of body & mind*


You need: restful sleep (and no 3am wakeups)

Try: Rest Easy

Why it works: Sleep these days is elusive, to say the least. Thankfully for us (and our tangled sheets) certain active botanicals can create a lulling sensation akin to being rocked - especially when combined with CBD. L-theanine, an amino acid often found in tea leaves, acts as a calming agent that supports falling and staying asleep. And our blend of chamomile, valerian and passionflower creates a relaxing sensation.* Stir the powder into your favorite decaf tea, try this hot cocoa recipe or make this yuzu gimlet if you’re feeling fancy before bed.